What Makes Bohol, BOHOL?

written on August 12th, 2016 by carlo


Most people come to Bohol knowing what to expect.

They expect to see the wide eyed tarsier, the horizon filled with chocolate hills, and the pristine white sand beaches to name a few.

That’s why when we read this piece by Joshua Berida, we were thrilled to find out that he decided to dig deeper into what Bohol was about.

“I’ve been to Bohol before, to see the Chocolate Hills, the tarsiers, the beaches and the other attractions. They were only a part of a tourist checklist that I gladly ticked off. However, I felt like I missed something during that trip two years ago. I found myself back here trying to discover what makes Bohol, Bohol, through its fiestas –specifically the Sandugo Festival.”

Read more about it here in his Rappler piece called Sandugo Festival: Experience Bohol’s past and future.