Maribojoc Bohol

written on May 17th, 2013 by Amy

maribojoc church

Maribojoc is one of the 4th class towns in Bohol. It used to be a fishing village called Dunggoan – this is the vernacular for “place to anchor.” Most of the residents live by the shore and enjoy a fresh seafood on a daily basis. When the Spanish arrived in the Philippines, the Jesuit priests originally called it Malabooch. Somehow along the way, it became known as Maribojoc.

Here’s what you can find there:

Visit the Maribojoc Tower in the barangay of Punta Cruz. The tower was originally built in 1796 by the Spanish. It served as a lookout against looting pirates. Back in the day, those guys were a problem. These days you can visit the tower and appreciate the view of Cebu, Siquijor and Mindanao.

Take in the grandeur of Maribojoc Church. This is under the Maribojoc Parish. They are commonly known as Parroquía de Santa Cruz. The parish was founded in the 1767, but the Church was officially finished in 1816. Some features of the Church includes the original painting in the ceiling (never repainted), one of only fourteen Spanish era pipe organs (there’s only 3 in Bohol), the Church Museum which houses various religious artifacts and the relic of St. Vincent Ferrer.

Ph_locator_bohol_maribojocThe annual town fiesta happens every May 5 in honor of St. Vincent Ferrer. As with many places in Bohol, there all sorts of activities during a fiesta. Maribojoc is no different. Activities include a motorcade, a fluvial parade, the enthronement of St. Vincent Ferrer, song and dance, the bugsay festival, an agri-fair and various shows and spectacles.

How to get there:

Here’s a map of Bohol. The highlighted portion is Maribojoc. It’s only a 30 minute drive north of Panglao. You can easily get there by taking a tricycle.

maribojoc church interiors