Bohol Motorcycle Rental

Explore Bohol on a motorcycle.

stand up paddle in bohol

Stand-up Paddle Tour Package

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) provides a unique way to view the island of Bohol and an extremely good workout. You will make use of balance and strength in order to remain upright and propel yourself in water.

Balicasag Island Fish Sanctuary

Balicasag Island Tour with Dolphin Watching

Rise and shine to witness the pod of dolphins at the middle of the sea in between Alona Beach and Balicasag Island. It’s your time to say hello to the dolphins!


per person for a group of 10


Bohol Countryside Private Tour

Nothing like a classic. This is the best way to see Bohol for the first time.


per person for a group of 5

EAT DAnao adventure caving

Danao Nature Lover Tour

We understand that extreme adventure is not for everyone. But for those of you who want to visit EAT Danao Adventure Park and are still looking for a “milder” adventure. Bohol Gateway has got you covered.


per person for a group of 10

Done with the plunge in EAT Danao Adventure Park by Steph Senires

Extreme Adventure Tour Danao

EAT Danao Adventure Park is not for those looking for a quiet calm vacation. It’s not called Extreme Adventure Tour (EAT) for nothing.


per person for a group of 10

sandugo cycling tours in bohol

Sandugo Cycling Tours

Those looking for a casual adventure around Bohol should try the Sandugo Cycling Tour. Riding on bicycles around Bohol is an unmatched experience. No traffic on the roads. Just you, your bike and the wind on your face.


per person for a group of 5

Photo by A Vahanvati

Affordable… Dubai

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to go to Dubai!

Photo by Daveness_98

Coming to the Roots – X | Jordan | Israel | Egypt

Visit the holy land at Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Photo by cmichel67

Dubai Shopping Festival

You know what you can do in Dubai? Shop!!! And a lot more than that.